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Juniper Supplier Tools

Optimize the product you sell via Juniper

What is the Supplier Tools?

If you are an Accommodation supplier or Hotel Chain who is already connected to one or more of our Juniper clients, and wish to have more insight on how your product is performing in our system, then access the Juniper Supplier Tools today!

The Juniper Supplier Tools is a web based tool that allows you to see, online, how you’re performing on the Juniper system, helping you optimize the distribution and revenue of your product.

It’s divided into three main sections:


On the Dashboard, you will see which ones are the top sold destinations and hotels, and your market share within Juniper, as well as the percentage of Juniper clients that are generating your bookings.


Accommodation mapping

You will have a simple view of the product distribution at a global level. Knowing which hotels a Juniper client, that has the Unique Hotel module, will receive, and being able to easily map those that are pending to be mapped.

Market share report

In this report, you will see your market share and the number of connected clients in different time periods (splitting the information into a weekly basis and comparing it with the previous year).


Who is it designed for?

The Juniper Supplier Tools are for Accommodation Suppliers or Bed Banks that already receive bookings from Juniper clients through our system.

Why use Juniper Supplier Tools?

You will have visibility of the location of the product that your clients are receiving, as well as be able to complete the hotel mapping with the mapping tool that is already included. By increasing the number of hotels and improving the mapping of your inventory, you will obtain more bookings.

This tool will improve the decision making for your strategy to increase your business volumes. You will be able to see your market share and compare it to the rest of bookings made through Juniper. You will have informationabout which product is most relevant to include in your inventory.

Additionally, you will be able to monitor your evolution in terms of the number of clients connected to your system, the number of bookings made and your market share.


Main advantages

  • Ensure that all your product is available for your clients within Juniper.
  • Increase the number of bookings by making all of your inventory available.
  • Improve your revenue by identifying your top destinations.
  • Discover how you can improve your market share!

Monitor your performance within Juniper and see what your potential growth is!